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Final Fantasy 7 HD Wallpaper at 2019 11 09, 35 Images


Final Fantasy 7 HD Wallpaper at 2019 11 09, 35 Images

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Final Fantasy 7 HD Wallpaper at 2019-11-09, 35 Images
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HD wallpaper image source download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r1wogKggogsrtXZUAkSha6P1GA-bN3wQ/view?usp=sharing
HD wallpaper image source download(backup): https://mega.nz/#!OOww2S6Z!u6nSLtdem2ZQUgk6XSDUs_6XtTcjYiWf82RLO9p54-8
Players the world over have been wondering what titles they can hope to see when Next-Gen consoles hit stores, rumored to be sometime in 2020.
As such, the eyes of the gaming world remain trained on job postings throughout the various game development studios, as these are often windows into the future of gaming.
Square Enix recently posted an employment listing, seeking gaming professionals for an unannounced action game that is being developed specifically for the next generation consoles.
While that’s not groundbreaking news, apparently Square Enix is hoping to break new ground with this game.
According to the Japanese developer, this new action game is “aiming to realize a next-generation action game experience that goes beyond the framework of existing action games, with an international team of creators from all over the world.”
These job openings will be a part of Square’s First Development Division. That division is currently hard at work on another highly anticipated title, Final Fantasy VII Remake. This new title, set to come out in the first quarter of 2020, is a complete remake of the original Final Fantasy VII, which came out in 1997 on the original Sony PlayStation.
The remade game will be the first of its kind. It is not only a complete remake and reimagining of one of the most iconic games in the history of the industry, but it will be divided up into several parts. Each part, according to Square, will stand on its own as a complete game.
The first installment in this new series is going to focus on the early stages of the original game, where AVALANCHE, a group of freedom fighters, seek to disrupt the planet-killing operations of the nefarious ShinRa Electric Power Company.
There has been no word on where this game will end, or when the next installment will be released.
The First Development Division was also responsible for another huge game in the Square Enix calendar, Kingdom Hearts III. This third installment of the Kingdom Hearts series blended the worlds of Square Enix and Disney and stands as one of the boldest and most daring crossover franchises to ever hit gaming consoles.
Kingdom Hearts III is the third “main” title in the franchise, however it follows the story set by several side games that were released over the years on handheld platforms and mobile devices.
With Xbox’s Project Scarlett and the PlayStation 5 rumored for Fall 2020 releases, it will be interesting to see what this accomplished team of developers within Square has up their collective sleeves for the future of next-generation action gaming.

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