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111 Wallpapers

111 Wallpapers

『Speed Wallpaper Edit』Misaki Mei (Another)


『Speed Wallpaper Edit』Misaki Mei (Another)

I made it for Halloween, I hope you like it❤ (And this is my first time making a wallpaper)
If you use it, can you send me a screenshot? I want to see it (ノ°ヮ°)ノ*.✧

🕒It took 33 minutes
●The Instagram icon on the video by: https://www.deviantart.com/dangerouslyslowcat/art/Instagram-734359331

– Anime –

– Wallpaper –

– Wallpaper (IG Story) –

– Rules –
If you use it, give credit
If you repost it anywhere, tag me or give credit

– Song –
frad – first date

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