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111 Wallpapers

111 Wallpapers

Trigzboss Wallpaper Speedart


Trigzboss Wallpaper Speedart

Speedart of creating a wallpaper (offline Twitch picture) for Trigzboss.
Redesigned everything for his Twitch, check out his page and give him a follow, check down below.
Currently 4 days of photoshop experience, huge thanks to Warsenz for coaching me! Don’t expect experienced stuff. I did put on a nice soundtrack tho.

Please don’t forget to hit that like button & sub if you haven’t. I never but never asked for this in any of my videos, but this will help my channel grow for the arrival of World of Warcraft Classic!

Trigzboss Twitch:
https://www.twitch.tv/trigzboss (Give him a follow!)

Deluxo Twitch:

Warsenz Youtube:

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